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The Transition of Becoming

The Transition of Becoming


Sometimes God will only show us the mountain top, but we have to trust the path along the way, and sometimes God will only show us the trail, but we must have faith that it will lead to the mountain top. The mountain top is who we are meant to be, what we can potentially achieve, and everything we are predestined to become. The trail up the mountain is a series of transitions that include different paths we must take and obstacles we must face in order to reach our destination. I write this book not as someone who is looking back and stretching my hand after reaching the mountain top, but someone who is asking for you to walk with me as we transition toward the mountain top together.


We don’t become when we arrive, we are constantly becoming as we arrive. This book is written from both a personal testimonial and a Biblical perspective to enlighten your theological understanding, strengthen your faith in the Lord, encourage you to embrace your process, and to illustrate the parallels between your life’s becoming and the becoming of Biblical figures to ultimately help you become who God created you to be and achieve the full potential of what He has ordained for your life."

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