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“When I wrote this book, I made the conscious decision to reveal my vulnerability, imperfections, and how I’ve passed test yet failed many. Shaped For Greater Works is an introspective look into a testimonial series of actual events in my life. This book is not a step by step process but a journey because truthfully, there are no steps to life. I hope that you find answers through my layers, healing through my pain, and that you discover how God is shaping you while reading about how He has shaped me. I pray that my tears will be nourishment to water a harvest in your life, that my scars will become your stars of hope, and that my tests will give you the encouragement to testify. You are not just reading a book; you are embarking on a journey into my innermost thoughts. You are diving into the truth of what makes me who I am today. I was not told to be this way by anyone. Instead, I was shaped this way because I am a product of God’s hands. 

I am inviting you to walk with me as I follow God. I ask that take my hand on this journey because I will be with you every step of the way. We will grow, learn, and understand what it means to be Shaped For Greater Works in the hands of God. Shaped For Greater Works is my first born…please take care of it. See you at the end!” 

-Minster Warren Hawkins III

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